Webinar Redline Performance

We invite you to join us on October 10th to learn why the evolution of the financial markets has led trading institutions to look for alternative solutions to access venues and how Pico has helped our customers to simplify access to global liquidity, across regions and asset classes, through highly optimized software.

This webinar will cover:

  • Introduction of Pico and Redline
  • Discussion on the evolution of financial markets and its impact
  • Overview of Redline products
  • Use cases for Redline
  • Interactive Q&A

Don’t miss this chance to hear from our experts on the wide range of Pico offerings for global markets.

Register now to stay ahead of evolving financial markets.



Jarrod Yuster
CEO & Founder 

Mark Skalabrin
President of Redline
Kitty Huot
Sales Engineer 

Dinesh Kunchamwar
Sales Engineer 

The live webinar has ended.

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